He Poos Clouds

All the boys I have ever loved have been
from a broken home
or with a seedy past,
so I know, I know, it’s gonna last

Owen Pallett, He Poos Clouds

When: Friday night.

Where: KoKo, Camden.

Who: CC, me and Owen Pallett

What: Maestro of the clever string arrangement, Owen Pallett, is one of my favourite, favourite musicians. And that’s not overstating it. So I went to see him for the third time, with CC, ready to soak up the splendour of his lyrics and looping techniques.

The support group, who’s name escapes me, who preceded him, in no way set the stage for him. I imagine what they played would have been great if I were deaf – not only the floor, but my teeth and even the fabric of my clothes vibrated. Unfortunately, I am not deaf.

Still, it made the anticipation even greater. So when Owen started to play the opening bars of The CN Tower belongs to the dead, I couldn’t help but grin. Just gorgeous and compelling and uplifting and so completely different to anyone else I’ve ever seen or heard. That’s why I love him.

Lots of musicians are talented, but I don’t know of many who can stand up to him. Or who are so lighthearted about their music, and laugh when things go slightly awry, like it did at the start of this gig, when somehow he got his lead stuck which left him kneeling, but still playing, on the floor, until a security guy wandered on and unhooked him.

If you want to see what I mean, watch him here playing He Poos Clouds (with lyrics that, although it’s a song about playing a computer game, I find myself strangely relating to…)


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