Shhhh… it’s a library

Meanwhile, back in my less ranty world, I’ve been out and about.

Continuing my quest for good coffee, I paid a visit to Bea’s of Bloomsbury, and couldn’t resist having a scrummy red velvet cupcake with vanilla icing while I was there. After all, perhaps cake would keep the raging feminist inside placated for a while. It worked. She’s still quietly appeased. And the coffee was good. Really good. I watched her grind the beans freshly before she made it for me.

On Friday I went with B and RM to the Rivoli Ballroom to see the filming of Justin Lee Collins new TV chat show. Sadly he didn’t have the most exciting guests but it was a cool venue to go to and we got seats because the girls made out they were willing to be publicly embarrassed in some kind of dating game. It was a win-win, because they weren’t publicly humiliated and we didn’t have to stand for three hours. The Ballroom is a cool venue though – I’d like to go there dancing some time.

Which brings me on to my Saturday night’s activities.

A friend of mine recommended a track by Darwin Deez to me called Radar Detector. Click the link and have a listen – it sounds like spring feels. On Saturday they were playing at, of all places, the Westminster Reference Library. It’s part of something called Get it Loud in Libraries, started five years ago.

I bought a ticket and went along, found myself a good spot with a clear view of the stage next to a complete collection of the UK’s Yellow Pages, and waited for the gig to start. There was free coffee, which is really pushing the boat out for a library. And people started trickling in with those dodgy blue plastic bags you get from corner shops and off licences with cans and bottles in them.

On the pillar next to the stage was a sign which said: ‘Magnifying glasses are available upon request’. But they weren’t necessary. In the middle of all the bookshelves the band started their set with a very silly dance. It was genius. They were clearly having so much fun, they sang and played and then stopped every couple of songs to do a mini dance routine – nothing too polished, but good enough for you to appreciate they could move. Slowly, the audience began to bop along, then to groove, and by the end, we were all joining in. It didn’t really seem to matter whether you were a good mover or not – sometimes you’ve just got to let the happiness out.

They’ve made a load of clips of themselves dancing, and in honour of spring (which feels like it might have actually really arrived to stay properly this time) here’s one so you get the idea of what it was like on Saturday night


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