Living in moderation, week three: Good things come to those who wait

It’s not going so well. All my virtuous self-control from week one is slowly slip sliding away. The past few days I’ve definitely had less than eight hours sleep most nights. And I’ve not always drunk enough water or eaten my full five a day. I can’t lie – being this self-controlled is hard work.

On Sunday, there was a big communal lunch after church that I went along to. Someone had made moussaka which is one of my favourite dinners. I was about to help myself to seconds when the person I was talking to mentioned they’d given up chocolate for Lent. My heart sank with the reminder that I had given up excess. No unnecessary seconds for me. I wish I’d remembered in the first place because I would have savoured the portion I had when I had it.

But then out came pudding. There’s a woman who has a secret recipe for the most amazing chocolate mousse. It’s always a treat. I had a bowl with relish.

Just as I finished it, out came trays of the most delicious looking bread and butter pudding. More than chocolate mousse, I love bread and butter pudding. And it came with home made custard, made with real vanilla.

I tried. For all of five minutes I tried. But I couldn’t resist. So I had bread and butter pudding too and felt fully stuffed. You could say excessively stuffed.

So although I’m failing miserably at being restrained I’ve learned that living in moderation means being patient. So that when the really REALLY good things come along, you can really REALLY enjoy them.


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