International Women’s Day – Be My Guest

I’m a woman and I can’t help it, I write about women’s things. I’ve been fairly girly about dating, and I feel fairly strongly about feminism.

Today I saw this great clip on the TED website of Eve Ensler speaking in India about embracing your inner girl. It’s funny and thought provoking and brilliant. Entirely appropriate for International Women’s Day next Monday.

Anyway, to mark the occasion I thought it would be cool to ask any of you (women or men) who read any of my blatherings if you’d like to submit a guest post about women or anything vaguely female.

It can be as long or short, as silly or as serious as you like – just drop me a comment and I’ll e-mail you back with an address to send it to.

Let’s see what you come up with.


One response to “International Women’s Day – Be My Guest

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