Living in moderation, week two: Excessive obsessing

I realised yesterday that excess isn’t just about drinking or eating or sleeping.

There’s a dress that’s been advertised in newspapers and magazines from H&M the past week.
It’s blue.
It costs £7.99.
I decided I had to have it.

On Saturday I braved Oxford Street to find it. There are three branches of H&M on Oxford Street and I visited two of them. But the dress wasn’t there.

On Monday I went out on my lunch hour to visit the third one, and, while I was there, went to the ones on Bond Street and Regents Street. Not there either.

Yesterday I got the bus on my lunch hour to H&M in Camden. Nope. And then called on my way home into the one in Covent Garden. Also no.

Seven shop visits in three days to find one cheap dress that probably won’t suit me if I found one to try on.

Clearly this is not just excessive, but obsessive behaviour.

It’s also evidence of a successful marketing campaign since, if the shops have sold out, lots of other people also took it into their heads that they HAD to have that particular dress.

Do I actually need it? Well it’s always nice to have new clothes, but the truth is my drawers and wardrobe are crammed full.

So this week I’m going to clear out the excesses of clothes I don’t wear or that don’t fit me.

And I’m not visiting any more branches of H&M. However tempting the adverts.


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