(Breaking) Basic rules for London living

These three rules, illustrated by Luke Purser demonstrate clearly why I, despite my best efforts to suppress my northern-ness, I get in trouble in London.

I often make eye contact.

I do smile, although not always with teeth.

I have been known to reassure people with a gentle touch on the arm – although I’m generally not a touchy feely person.

O dear.


One response to “(Breaking) Basic rules for London living

  1. So why bother approaching them?
    It would be far more intimidating, (and somewhat suspicious), to go up to someone unsmiling and not making eye contact, mumbling bizarrely in an attempt not to show our teeth, while keeping our hands rigidly at our sides.

    Whatever happened to positive affirmation of our basic tendency towards gregariousness?

    It’s a sad day when we have legislation (however ironic) as to how we interact with others on even the most basic and friendly level!

    Sack London ways!

    Keep smiling!

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