Year of the Tiger

We’re more than halfway through February but it still feels like the year has yet to get going.

On Saturday night, a day prematurely, some friends and I went to PingPong for dim sum to celebrate Chinese New Year – the Year of the White Tiger.

I think that as far as new beginnings go, this is our last chance.

It’s easy to make declarations of hope, purpose or intent at new year. I half-jokingly called 2010, the year of men. WB has said it’s the year of turning corners and the year of zen (since she’s taken up meditation). FF has stated that she hopes this year will be a year of courage and of hospitality.

The Chinese idea of giving the year a personality might seem superstitious, but it seems we all do it in one way or another. All we can hope is that the year lives up to our expectations.

Regardless – it was another good excuse to go out and eat lovely steamed parcels of deliciousness and to drink Tiger beer.

Here’s to the coming year!


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