Blue Monday

Yesterday was Blue Monday, the third Monday in January. This particular day has the slightly dubious and more than slightly erroneous honour of being officially the worst day of the year, apparently based on a combination of factors like bad weather, debt, distance from Christmas, lack of motivation, and failure to succeed at keeping new year’s resolutions, that conspire against us.
If truth be told, my Blue Monday was alright. It was Sunday when I was a bit glum, but that was because I went to bed late and woke up very early. I cheered myself up by watching episode one of the new series of Being Human.
But Monday began well. Even starting with a meeting with Marie Curie Cancer Care couldn’t bring me down. I had a fruitful morning and then got my head down, some music on and wrote all afternoon. The perfect work day. There’s nothing like experiencing a state of flow to improve one’s mood.
At the end of the afternoon I got a phone call from my friend L, wondering if I wanted to go and see John Mayer with her at the Hammersmith Apollo that night. She had two places on the guestlist, because her friend plays in the support band Codeine Velvet Club. After a bit of confusion where I thought she was inviting me to go and see Donna Summer, I said absolutely YES.
O John Mayer. When he started to sing Bigger than my body any blues there might have been disappeared. The perfect pick me up to end the glummest day of the year.


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