Best of 2009 – the winner

Well, there was an overwhelming response to the shortlist and the voting was very close, but a winner emerged, by a hair’s breadth, in the form of Cultural Shorthand #1: Blue Peter.

Not only did it win the popular vote, but analysis of the stats from the past week demonstrate that this was also the most viewed tale on this blog in the past eight days.

It’s a story that has continued to haunt me, and has caused me repeated embarrassment – a week later, when it emerged that somehow Simon Thomas had heard about what I’d written and read it, then again when he made an appearance at our housewarming party, and in ongoing banter with my flatmates (still ignorant of the cultural impact of Blue Peter on the lives of all respectable British children since the 1950s) whenever my name (rarely) comes up in their conversation.

I should know better than to write willy nilly about anything and everything, but then again, where would be the fun if I didn’t?…

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