Best of 2009 – the shortlist

Warning: this blogpost requires participation (please…)

According to my stats, these posts have been the top ten most viewed this year. I suspect the top one is purely because it includes a picture of Colin Firth in a wet shirt.

Why I should wear my glasses instead of being so vain
25 random things
A tribute to the end of a beautiful relationship
Cultural Shorthand #1: Blue Peter
18 miles in a day
Flatmate’s fiance’s conversational skills
The DNA of dating
Cultural shorthand #4: Victoria Wood
The First Day of My Life

But these aren’t necessarily my favourites or the most representative. For example there have been several date related posts that I quite like:
Dating: the default position
He’s just not that into you
The ongoing ‘when is a date, a date’ debate
The DNA of dating
Kulu Kulu or An example of when it’s definitely a date

And some philosophical wonderings…
One hundred posts
Simple pleasures
Thirty (part two)

And stories about great…
The wedding of the century

18 miles again
Top Gun

…and reckless exploits:
Briallos to Teo
and Teo to Santiago
Flirting with the devil
You can’t take the north out of the girl (Flex…)
Carols with a twist

So it’s hard to choose – but what’s your favourite posting from the Girl from Clapham in 2009?

(This is where you get involved and leave a comment… ;o))


2 responses to “Best of 2009 – the shortlist

  1. 1. Flirting with the devil (because it’s well written, witty, and clever)
    2. Blue Peter (because of the tremendous humiliation it caused you in the long run).

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