Yeah! (French) Toast

Winter with all its loveliness has arrived. Last day of November and it was properly cold in London for the first time this season. I made the error of thinking it would be another of those fake cold days – where you look out of the window, see that it’s clear out, assume it will be cold and then spend the whole day overheating. So I didn’t put on my winter coat or my gloves. An error, since the temperature headed down towards 0 degrees that day. But it didn’t detract at all from the beauty of the day. Winter sun makes everything look pin sharp, and it’s always sunrise or sunset at this time of year.
I met CC and CJ for brunch at The Garrison on Bermondsey Street to begin CJ’s birthday festivities. French toast. It was so yummy, and the staff were so nice, chipping into our conversation while we paid the bill at one point to give their opinion on whether or not you should contemplate dating someone when there’s no spark to give them a chance in case you could be persuaded (She said ‘No, you absolutely shouldn’t.’).
And then we walked along the South Bank, helping an Italian couple find the Tate Modern on our way, to Westminster Bridge. When I feel the cold, cold enough for the air to pinch my cheeks, making them red, my brain perks up and I can’t help but feel somehow, more vividly alive.


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