It’s the time of year when everyone starts getting practice for Christmas festivities and what better way to do it than with awards ceremonies. Black tie, white shirt, dinner jackets, trousers with the crease down the front, champagne receptions followed by a sit down three course meal. Bliss. Last night we all piled down to Old Billingsgate for the International Customer Publishing Awards. We were shortlisted in five categories along with about a gazillion others in each. In theory it’s just a nice night out and a bit of a social. But in reality, we want to win. Although we know the work we do is good, and our clients like us, actually the validation an award gives you is too tantalising to be blase about.
So we weren’t cool at all, but competitive, and annoyed when other people won awards in categories we knew we were better in. Crys of politicking flew around the table. Our production manager got more and more bloshy and started to heckle. One by one our categories came and went, until there was only one more left….
And we won it, to great sighs of relief all round. We’re not a big company and we were up against some very large ones, so it’s a double celebration when we punch above our weight.

The night was still young – there was comedy and cabaret and a goose and posh frocks and red wine, soft pink and purple lighting and all kinds of curtained off cushioned cubby holes for conversation and controversy, before carriages and home and a very late bedtime for a school night.


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