Kulu Kulu or An example of when it’s clearly a date

kulu kulu sushi

I went out for yummy sushi (I know this compromises my stated fish principles but there were mitigating circumstances and I’ve written before about how principles can be flexible…) on Friday night, just round the corner from Covent Garden at Kulu Kulu. It’s a proper sushi restaurant complete with conveyor belt, freshly made dishes, set price plates and everyone squashed up together on stools, trying to eat rice with chopsticks.

I highly recommend it.

I was there on a date. Unlike on other occasions this year, there was no confusion that this was a date.

First, because as B so rightly pointed out in her comments on my last post it’s ‘a date if you’ve only just met and arrange to see one another, alone, with no purpose other than to be together.’ This is an extension of the fundamental criteria but a very valid one. I met L at a party, he politely asked me for my number, texted when he said he would and arranged to go out with me.

Second, he very generously paid for dinner.

No other criteria were fulfilled but enough had been done to make it completely unambiguous.

It’s tempting here to do a Guardian Saturday magazine style ‘marks out of ten’ thing but I’ll restrain myself because it’s not fair to L. Suffice it to say, I had a very lovely time and enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where you stand and what you’ve got yourself involved in, as much as the good food and conversation.


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