The DNA of dating

‘I read somewhere that if given a choice between sex and peace of mind, she said, most people would choose peace. Personally, I said, I do fine with a little anxiety.’
The Story People

It took them 13 years to outline the basic sequence of the human genome, to ascertain what makes us broadly genetically different from other living things. Obviously, within the human genome there are multiple variations, but ultimately they’ve worked out what bits of the stuff of life make up humanity.

I wish someone would do the same for the genetics of a date. I know, I know, I know I keep going on about this. But seriously – unless someone clarifies soon the anatomy of this particular aspect of male-female interaction, the chances of this particular combination of DNA being passed on to further the human race are slim.

So, I intend to begin mapping it, for the benefit of confused single womanhood wherever she may find herself.

Here’s what I know so far…

The fundamental definition:
A date is one guy, one girl out together. 

It should be noted that this in itself is not sufficient criteria to mark it out as a date. I could go on a job with one of my male work colleagues and that would not be a date.

Therefore, the fundamental dating criterion must accompany at least two of any of the following to constitute a date:

Hand holding


Not splitting the bill

This list needs to be longer in order to completely cover the whole anatomy of all permutations of dates, daytime, nighttime, first, second and third dates. Anyone got any ideas to add, based on their research?


5 responses to “The DNA of dating

  1. also a date if one of you uses the word in conversation (eg “see you Saturday. It’s a date!”) or even gives vague reference to it (eg “I was on another date awhile ago…”)

  2. also a date if you’ve only just met and arrange to see one another, alone, with no purpose other than to be together (alone).

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