Notes from a road trip: part two

Novel references: 0

Shower facilities: 4/10 

Self-timer photos taken: 3



Food and drinks consumed beginning with the letter C: cake, cider, cheese sandwiches

The story: We headed to the seaside to begin our meanderings along the south coast, parking up in Bournemouth to read the Sunday papers and people watch. We observed a first date start awkwardly and gradually relax into something pleasant taking place opposite us. Ah. Lazy Sundays. They’re the best.

Not wishing to repeat our showering experience of the previous night, we made our way to a campsite at Bere Regis, just north of Lulworth Cove so we could set out earlyish in the morning for a big walk along Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast.

The following morning rose bright and clear – it was mild, blue and breezy. We couldn’t have picked a better day to visit a World Heritage Site. We parked up in the village, reluctant to pay for parking with all the school coach trips and retired couples and congratulated ourselves on how quickly we were becoming campervan savvy. Lulworth looked like a postcard too and we said hello to thatchers at work on the roofs of a row of cottages on the main road in. We started at Lulworth Cove and strode out along the clifftops, towards Durdle Door, climbing every steep rise and gasping for breath, before strolling back down to the next cove. We sat at White Nothe for lunch and looked out across the bay to Weymouth and the harbour where we would head to sleep later that night, before striking inland back to where we were parked via a valley curiously named Scratchy Bottom.


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