Notes from a road trip: intro

Everyone has dreams and ambitions. Some of them are realistic, some of them are not. Ever since I was about 15 years old I have wanted to own my own VW campervan, ideally split screen, with the notion that owning such a vehicle would give me the freedom of the road, and that I would live a life of random encounters and exciting adventures. I decided, in my teen wisdom, that I would have to own one before I turned 30, because after that I would clearly be too old and would look like I was trying too hard.

Now I’m 30 I feel slightly differently, especially since I’ve not actually saved up the £12,000 or so that you’d need to buy a campervan. I’d like to extend my deadline.

In the meantime, my parents who know me very well and love me very much, agreed between themselves to hire me and a friend a campervan for a week. CC and I headed down to Brighton to meet Kermit and begin our journey with no plan, and no map, to see what we could see of the south of England in a week…




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