Reduce, reuse, recycle

It’s autumn, my favourite season. But it’s a funny inbetween time for clothes. It’s not warm enough for summer gear but you don’t want to boil in winter gear. Add to that the psychological impact of pulling on your winter wardrobe and implicitly acknowledging as you do so that it’s not going to be warm again until April. At the earliest. And autumn brings with it a sense of wardrobe related doom.
I’m still resisting wearing a coat, so it can’t be that cold, but I have dug out my tights in a concession to the cooler days. The problem is, I don’t really have many skirts I can wear with tights.
I like to think I would have been great in the Second World War because instead of thinking about going shopping I took a look at all my trousers and decided that a pair of green cords that I love but hardly ever wear anymore (because they sit too low on my hips) would be ideal skirt fodder.
Normally I rush through sewing projects, feel proud that I’ve made something, and then realise it’s not really fit to wear outside my own house. But I took a bit more care on this project and I’m very pleased with the result. So much so that I wore the skirt I made to work the next day.
I’ll post a picture later but in the meantime here’s the link to how I did it (I did the two-panel method because the cords I started with were wide leg already).

And of course I feel very virtuous for a) not spending any money and b) being eco-conscious and thrifty which adds a general glowy aura to my person every time I wear the skirt!


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