14: party playlist

I’m going to throw a party in less than two weeks and so last night I sat down to compile the ultimate party playlist on Spotify. I’ve got an eclectic bunch of friends coming so I want to please everybody without compromising certain rules.
Rule number 1 – it’s got to be boppy/danceable to
Rule number 2 – it can’t go on for too long – four minutes is pushing it
Rule number 3 – it has to meet a certain level of musical quality (so there won’t be anything groan-inducing on the list, or anything too cheesy)
The overarching rule is that every track has to be cool – I don’t want anyone wandering over to fiddle with the playlist because once that kind of behaviour starts everyone will take it upon themselves to play DJ. This means covering all genres and time periods – indie, pop, dance, 80s, 90s and now (sounds like a radio advert).
It’s tricky. I had a couple of suggestions from friends last night varying from Steps and Beyonce to the Stone Roses and Baby D. And I have to have enough tracks to run for five hours at least without repetition.
Anyone else have any ideas?


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