18: 73, 9, RV1, 35, 337…

…or Kings Cross to Oxford Street, Piccadilly to Aldwych, Waterloo Bridge to London Bridge, Borough to Clapham Junction, East Sheen to Clapham Common – these were the buses and the journeys I made yesterday afternoon and evening.
We’ve got an intern in the office who can’t understand why I take the bus. Apparently that kind of behaviour should have ended when I left school. But recently I’ve rediscovered the joy of bus travel – the ability to see the sky while you travel, and the tops of buildings you would never normally look at – as opposed to travelling on the Underground – herded into a confined dark space with the chances of a seat if you’re lucky.

There are disadvantages. It can take longer to travel by bus and if there are roadworks or traffic problems then you get stuck in them too. But post-camino, I’m trying not to get embroiled in the London culture of rushing, so I’ve bought myself a bus only travelcard, I’m getting up and out a bit earlier, putting a good book in my bag (Currently ‘Ghosts of Spain’ by Giles Tremlett) and adopting a laissez faire attitude about my destination. I’ll get there as soon as I can. It’s not quite the same as walking everywhere (but I do have to arrive vaguely on time sometimes) but it’s the next best thing.


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