19: rain, rain, rain, rain

Apparently a month’s worth of rain fell in a day today. Straight down from the clouds at ninety degrees to the pavement rain, that flooded our over-concreted streets and created mini-streams and ditches in the gutters. Van drivers had the delight of spraying pedestrians without having to drive very fast and people huddled under lintels and bus shelters. Everyone either had their heads down staring at the slippy pavements running to the Tube, or heads raised to the skies searching for a break in the grey that would promise them enough time to get to their destination without getting soaked.
Into every life a little rain must fall, but like a ray of sunshine, CC ran to meet me in the Big Chill House. We drank Diet Coke and swapped stories from the past fortnight. A lot can happen in 13 days so it took a good couple of hours of non-stop chinwagging to catch up fully, with all the requisite analysis that comes along with a reporting of the facts. And while the conversation flowed, I hardly noticed it was raining at all.


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