35: becoming Jane

This morning I was asked by a relative stranger where my husband was. ‘I don’t have a husband’ I replied. ‘No, your partner then, or whatever you call him,’ she said. ‘I don’t have a partner,’ I said. Or a whatever-you-call-him.

I’ve never been in the position where someone has assumed I’m married before.

B and I just watched Becoming Jane on TV and we have decided that the choices are:

  • to settle for a man who is good but who you do not love
  • to love but never settle with a man who chooses something morally more worthy than you to pursue (missionary work in Africa, for example, or in the case of the film, not ruining your family financially)
  • to neither love, nor settle, but to become twisted and dried up inside
  • to love a bandit who will neither love you nor settle with you
  • to settle with the man you love

Choices, choices, choices. No wonder I don’t have a husband, partner or a whatever-you-call-him.

PS I’m off to walk the Camino de Santiago for the next two weeks, so, although I’ll write something every day, it’s likely I won’t be able to post something everyday. So I’ll fill you in when I get back on September 13!


One response to “35: becoming Jane

  1. Johanna – hi! Did you write the piece on wags in this month’s Youthwork magazine? Would love to chat to you about it? Could you email me? thanks!

    Jenny Baker

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