41: sweet treats

Picture 5

There seems to be a cake and pudding related theme running in these last few posts. I’m going to start categorising all these places I eat and drink at, I think.

Picture 3One of my favourite places to go for cake is Maison Bertaux on Greek Street. I met CC there for a cup of Earl Grey and Mille Feuille, since it’s just down the road from where she works.

Picture 7

It’s the strangest place – 1950s retro cafe style, with wooden round-backed mismatched dining chairs, check tablecloths on the tables which spill out onto the street, a piano on the corner, a picture of the Queen on the wall, and pink drapes and fairy lights draped around.

Picture 6

The cafe is tiny – they own the next door shop but you have to walk outside and back in to get to it. Add to that the fact that it’s a proper French patisserie serving cafe au lait and lovely continental pastries with delicate cake forks and you don’t really notice the shabbiness of it’s chic. In a city full of global chains, Costas, Caffe Neros, Starbucks, and so on, this is a real treat to eat in.

Picture 4


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