47: old friends

Can you imagine us
Years from today
Sat on a park bench

Simon and Garfunkel

Some friends come and go. Some friends last a lifetime. And some friends come and go and then come back again.

On Saturday when I was walking to the Lyceum to see the Lion King, I walked past an old friend from sixth form college who I haven’t seen for maybe more than seven years. The chances of us bumping into one another where we did, when we did were ridiculously slim. But clearly Saturday was a one chance in a million day. We swapped numbers and met for drinks and chorizo and chips at the newly reopened Compass.

It’s always nice catching up with people you liked in the past and have lost touch with, but it’s better when you have more than just the past to talk about. And this was one of those times, where we breezed over the intervening years of our lives and talked about the things we’re thinking about, our relationships, why we love living where we do, our hopes and thoughts of the future. A properly meaty conversation that left my soul full. I walked away reminded of why I’d liked SS in the first place, all those years ago.

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