49: simple pleasures

(By the way, I can’t believe 101 days is flying by quite this quickly. Less than 50 days to go. How did that happen?)


I like it when it doesn’t take much to make you happy.

I went up to Putney Heath with three big plastic tubs and filled them full of fat juicy blackberries in less than an hour. The sun was really warm (for a change) and there wasn’t a soul around, so I sang to myself at the top of my voice while I did it. I’m going to go again next week – there were absolutely tons there.

When I got back to Clapham, I threw on a pair of short shorts and a vest top, grabbed a blanket and yesterday’s paper and high-tailed it up to the common, for a lollop and some sunbathing. I fell asleep for an hour, and a few minutes after I woke up and started reading the paper, three kids came over to me with a Fab ice lolly asking me if I wanted it.

‘Do you not want it?’ I asked.
‘No, we’ve got too many and we’ve asked the other ladies but they didn’t want it.’
‘Are you sure I can have it?’

So I took the lolly and said thank you very much and they ran full pelt back to their parents shouting ‘We did it! We gave it away!’

They took so much delight in having given me an ice lolly, it gave a whole new meaning to the saying ‘It is better to give than to receive.’

A big bowl of blackberries. A hot sunny day. A blanket on the common. A free ice lolly.

Sometimes simple pleasures are the absolute best.


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