58: More about fish

I’m becoming something of a fish-evangelist after I last wrote about watching and reading the End of the Line. The kind that might make my friends and colleagues begin to groan. I was all proud of myself for finding MSC labelled salmon in Lidl of all places last week, and it made me think that choosing sustainable fish to eat was going to be easier than I had thought.

The book recommends that were you see fish on the menu you ask where it was sourced. After all, most restaurants are happy to state that their meat is organic, for example, so it’s no great leap to state that their fish is from sustainable stocks.

We’ve got a couple of interns in the office for the next month so we went to the newly reopened Driver pub on Caledonian Road. on their new menu is loads of fish including cod, haddock and langoustines, all of which are overfished and endangered. So I asked the waitress where their cod was sourced from. She came back to me with the answer ‘The North Atlantic’. Cod stocks have almost completely collapsed in the North Atlantic, so this is nothing to be proud of. I ate mackerel instead. But four of my colleagues ate the cod!

Looks like I might have to try a bit harder.


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