62: one hundred posts

You may have noticed by now, that I like lists – numbered lists, top ten lists – and countdowns. Day 62 is the day I write my 100th post on this blog.

Post number one was written in December 2006, two and a half years ago, when we hadn’t had three of the wettest and most miserable summers ever, before I was living in London, before the recession hit, before swine flu pandemics – back when the world was healthy, wealthy and wise and all was as it should be.

I was inspired to write a blog by the wonderful FF and so it is rightly fitting that this post mentions her. She is so very very cool. She’s in a very exciting band/musical collective called The Lowly Knights and you can see her singing a great tune from their upcoming new album in the Belfast Botanic Gardens on Babysweet TV Episode 2 (they’re about 8 minutes in). She’s the very pretty one in the blue dress with the blonde hair on the right-hand side.

Did I mention she’s my friend?

Not only is she the reason I started keeping a blog, but she is also part of the reason why I quit youth work and set out to earn my living by the pen, starting a chain of events that has led me to London and, well if you want to read about what happened, there are archives here you can trawl through.

My first ever post was entitled Reasons I Love My Life, and although everything I’ve written here isn’t always numbered, everything I’ve written here is a reason why I love my life. I love the excuse to grumble and rant as much as I love the exciting and surprising bits. And I love the fact that every day there’s a story to tell.

And for this, I’m truly grateful.


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