63: Corner Gas

This is about B again but it will be the last one for a while because she’s gone back to the evil land that spawned her, Canada, where everything is perfect, the summers are always sunny and hot, the people are civilised and polite and the heating works properly in winter.

For the past few weeks she has been playing us endless episodes of a Canadian sitcom called Corner Gas, set in Saskatchewan, which reminds her of home and entertains her greatly.

She has compared me to a character from this programme called Hank. Wikipedia describes Hank as the ‘most likely candidate for Dog River’s village idiot’.

Apparently I am like him because in season 4 episode 8 he starts a blog. This gives all of his friends the freedom to stop him before he bores them rigid with his stories get going by saying ‘I’ve already read it on your blog,’ even if they haven’t.

B has also started to say this every time I open my mouth to tell a story. In my defence, I don’t always have more than one story to tell a day and if I have to write something every day (which is proving harder than I’d initially thought it would), what stories, I ask, can B, and my other blog reading friends expect to hear? 

The truth is, I’m at risk of becoming a bore. A big blogging bore. O utter crushing doom.

One response to “63: Corner Gas

  1. I’m only reading this because people have asked me to make cheat sheets about your blog so they don’t actually have to read it themselves…

    FYI I’d much rather be a Philistine than the village idiot.

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