64: 18 miles again

This time I dragged B with me (or did she drag me? She was the one who dragged me out of bed and held me to my plan…) on an 18 mile yomp. We caught the train to Hampton Court and walked along the Thames home, recording our day as we went.

P1010001P1010003 copyAt the beginning we were a little sleepy but raring to go. Inspired by Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace, we headed east.





P1010004P1010005 copy

At Kingston we paused to reflect on the first leg of our journey. I sang a bit of UB40 to B, which, because she’s a Philistine as we’ve earlier established, was completed wasted on her.




P1010007P1010006At Teddington Lock (the largest lock on the Thames) B was ready for lunch but I made her press on until Ham House where we ate ham sandwiches.P1010010P1010011





Perked up by the nourishment (and by reading about gin) B took this picture of cows in Richmond. P1010015They are apparently a protected part of a view of Arcadia, by an Act of Parliament from 1902.



Still okay at Richmond Bridge…P1010016 copy



… until I got bitten by evil fire ants near Kew. But B was there to sit me down and brush them off me. My heroine! P1010020





Spurred on by a beer in Mortlake, I got involved with the local art scene. P1010021P1010022





It was about this point that something went ping in B’s ankle, so we called it a day at Barnes and caught the bus home. I’m pleased with myself, even if I have broken my flatmate.



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