71: the wedding of the century


When I was 19 I became friends with N and for the past ten years, I have accompanied her on a journey through raised and then dashed hopes to this very day. She was born thinking about this day and in the past decade we have discussed in great detail the many permutations and varying ways this day could pan out. Would there be seven bridesmaids or just one? What would the flowers be like? Dancing girls, singing boys, violins, flutes, harps, cellos? Tears or laughter? Bowers, bouquets, posies and poetry?

Whatever, it had to be the perfect day.

And after years of planning, it was indeed the perfect day. The sun came out after a week of rain, everyone wore their best frocks, the instruments were in tune, there was a trumpet, gentle teasing in the speeches, tears in the appropriate places for happy reasons and one very beautiful, veiled, white frock wearing, grin bearing bride.


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