70: Cultural Shorthand #4: Victoria Wood

One wedding down, another one to go – my flatmate announced her glorious engagement and so the wedding chat begins again. Follwing this line of thought led us to playing this song by the genius English comedian, Victoria Wood. You can’t get a song with more ‘you have to be British to get it’ lines, neither can you get a more quintessentially northern English humour. Nor one more appropriate to the topic of marriage…

4 responses to “70: Cultural Shorthand #4: Victoria Wood

  1. Ah’s sittin heer with thy mother and thy sister, Our Lauren, an’ we’s laffing fit ter bust -Its gradely bein’ from t’north. Happen as we are th’only folks laffin’. Chuffin’ brill lass! Off ter feed t’ferret.

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  3. Great song, but you don’t have to be English,or a northerner to get it, I’m Irish and this cracks me up every time! A pure and utter genius and a prime example of how British Humour Rules! (high praise indeed from an Irishman!)

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