82: Cultural shorthand #3: Vienna, Ultravox

Both my flatmates are away, one in Sardinia, one in Moldova. So there’s been a fair bit of  ‘what time’s your flight? how long does it take? do you have to change?’ chat this week.

B, going to Moldova, changes at Vienna, and when she said this I sang ‘Ah! Vienna! Bum budum’

‘What is that song?’ she asked. Someone else had done exactly the same thing the day before. So I found the Ultravox track on YouTube and played it to her. I would like to bet that most British people of a certain age would at least think ‘Ah! Vienna!’ if someone mentioned the city, but am willing to be proven wrong. It’s a cultural classic. Needless to say, B, being the Philistine Canadian she is, pressed stop before the end of the track…


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