80: first steps

People have been making pilgrimage to St Davids for more than a millenium and a half. The cathedral sits in a dip, with the tower peeking out over the main street. But it’s bells toll loud to call the faithful to prayer.

Founded by Wales’ patron saint, the place has a huge significance and maybe in some ways the whole nation looks to this place to take the lead. Millions of people still visit – some on pilgrimage, some to surf, some to see the only city in a national park. Whatever the reason, there’s something about a place on the edge of the world to inspire you and when you leave, perhaps you’ll have thought about how your everyday life could change for the better.

Certainly that’s what the people involved in the eco-city project hope – that by giving people a taste of how a sustainable lifestyle could look through tourism on holiday, they may go back and change something in their everyday lives and through small actions, collectively we could make a difference. I like this.

While I was visiting I met some fascinating and enthusiastic people who aren’t scaremongers but who believe passionately that anything anyone can and does do will make a difference. That it’s important for people to take a step to start a journey, and to begin to think about the world beyond our immediate lives. I suppose, like a kind of pilgrimage, but one that could last a lifetime, and have consequences echoing down through a millenium of time.

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