83: so long and thanks for all the fish

CC invited me over e-mail to go with her to find out her what she described as the inconvenient truth about fish. I was intrigued? Could it be that they are more intelligent than us and have the power to take over the world and are just biding their time, plotting their exit strategy with the dolphins, a theory first put forward by Douglas Adams in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Or perhaps it’s the rather obvious truth is that fish smells, something I can testify to, having been in Fleetwood on Saturday morning when the trawlers came in to dock.
But no. We went to see a film called The End of the Line which informed us that the inconvenient truth about fish is that we’re overfishing them so voraciously that fish stocks will have completely collapsed by 2048. No more tuna salads or salmon sandwiches. No more sushi. No more haddock and chips. And the seas will get clogged up with algae, people in developing nations dependent on fishing for their livelihoods will migrate in increasing number to the West, and one of the most bountiful food supplies available to us should crops fail due to global warming will have been squandered.
It was fairly compelling. You should go and see it and you can read more about it here but in short:

Ask before you buy
– only eat sustainable seafood
Tell politicians – respect the science, cut the fishing fleet
Join the campaign for marine protected areas and responsible fishing

All of this is fairly grim considering I’m supposed to be maxing out the days in the run up to turning 30 but I suppose it would be nice if I were able to still eat fish when I’m 60. I’m just planning ahead.

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