89: marmite

i-love-you-marmiteI’ve written about HJNITY before, but the debate about whether the book/film’s a good or a bad thing for women rages on. I maintain that it has ruined the way I think about my life and relationships so that I over-analyse even more than normal and panic about the realistic chances of someone ever meeting the ridiculously high bar the book encourages women to set. In short, that the book, and subsequently the film, have ruined my life. But others maintain that it is a truly liberating life philosophy and one that should be embraced – as CC said ‘It’s not the book that’s ruining your life, it’s men.’*

So before we even got to our regular book group to talk about The Diamond As Big As The Ritz we were having a heated debate about HJNTIY. This is because CC has just read the book which was free with Glamour this month. FF watched the film last weekend and has blogged about it and I’ve had texts from other girls about it this week too. Ultimately the question boils down to ‘will anyone ever love me?’ Who knows. But, like Marmite, either you love the book’s ideas or you hate them.

*It should be noted that at the time of writing, men weren’t actually in the act of ruining my life. But CC’s point remains theoretically sound.


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