95: algae

That was the last day of June

But this is the first of July


I was going to just post the words to Foy Vance ‘s First of July for day 95 (which incidentally fell on July 1) but walking down to Waterloo from Kings Cross to catch a train, London was too full of life to be so sad. Literally every patch of grass or open space had people sitting in it, soaking up the 31 degree temperatures and slowly crisping their skin. In Trafalgar Square, Canadians had ever so politely taken over, offering people flags and stickers for Canada Day. Sadly there were no Mounties. But I did take a picture of my flag in front of one of the fountains. Note the algae that has grown this week in the heat, turning the water a beautiful shade of green…
.P1010679 copy

It was a great day to be in the city but I was headed for the coast. More about that in the next post.
In the meantime, Heather makes some good comments about July 1 being the halfway point of the year, and Foy sings beautifully (although you’ll need Spotify to hear him).


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