97: the ghost of corporate future

You don’t love your girlfriend
And you think that you should but she thinks that she’s fat
But she isn’t but you don’t love her anyway

London is a scorching, sweltering, sweating, heaving, damp, perspiring mass of uncomfortable people sloping slowly along the streets and blowing their own faces on the Tube. The pavements smell like continental holidays, hot and dry, and the evenings are long and langourously warm.

Perfect for a little night music. CC and I have tickets for two concerts in Hyde Park. Day 97 brought us the musical stylings of Regina Spektor. She couldn’t have played to a more adoring crowd and the general atmosphere of well wishing meant she couldn’t stop grinning. She seemed genuinely delighted and surprised that we enjoyed her music so much. I can’t help it – her lyrics make me laugh out loud with their humour and insightfulness. There was a feeling of wry irony about our collective economic angst when we all joined in to sing the Ghost of Corporate Future:

Well maybe you should just drink a lot less coffee
And never ever watch the 10 o’clock news
Maybe you should kiss someone nice or lick a rock or both

Good advice.


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