A tribute to the end of a beautiful relationship

Transporter of teenagers and a camping trip companion, Sissy and I have had some good times. She’s taken me as far north as Aberfeldy, as far south as Eastbourne, west to Weston-Super-Mare and east to Cromer. Her first passenger was a vicar and her last was a civil servant. We’ve had our breakdowns and our moments of exhilaration when she hit 100mph (downhill with the wind at her back) – we’ve stuck together through thick and thin. She may not have always been perfect and we’ve not always treated each other right, but the joy she brought outweighed the pain (and the expense). She’s carried glamourous girly passengers and smelly boys. She’s listened to me sing at the top of my voice and heard me rant. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to complete my Masters, so she gave me the opportunity to create a whole new life for myself. I made my last journey in her from Mortlake to Clapham on Wednesday, and yesterday we said our final farewells as I handed over the keys to a shy girl from north London.

I hope she and Sissy have as much fun together as I’ve had the past three years.

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