25 random things

It’s a facebook/chain letter/e-mail craze that’s been written about in Time Magazine and the New York Times. I’m joining in.

1. There are definitely more than 25 things about me that you don’t know. Hell, I’m fairly sure there are more than 25 things about me that I don’t know. I suspect that the people who know me well won’t learn anything new about me in this list but they could probably tell you things about me that would surprise even me.

2. Until the day before my 19th birthday I had never lived further than seven miles away from where I was born.

3. All my maternal ancestors, as far back as we know and with the exception of my mother, married Irish men.

4. I have been 5’3″ since I was 13 years old.

5. I have been devastatingly heartbroken twice in my life, and both times I dropped two dress sizes.

6. I spent two years learning Norwegian but all I can remember of it is how to tell someone my name and to say that I’m single, depressed and I love them.

7. When I was 15 I went on a 1000 mile road trip across Europe to Romania and back.

8. My earliest memory is of losing my imaginary friend, Worzel, on the station platform of the Blaenau Ffestiniog Steam Railway in North Wales.

9. I’m a gobbo but I’m good at keeping secrets. If only you knew some of the things I know!

10. The right side of my face is slightly larger than my left, but the left side of my face is more expressive than my right – I can wiggle my left ear and raise my left eyebrow.

11. My favourite perfume is Chanel, Allure.

12. I spent four years working for a church as a youth worker and looking back on that phase of my life, I still can’t work out whether I achieved anything or made any kind of difference to anyone else or if the whole point of it was to make me the person I am now.

13. The more I get to know my parents, the more I love them.

14. My whole school education from starting age nearly five to 16 was at one of those independent Christian schools portrayed in the press as dangerous for being  fundamentalist, creationist and isolationist.

15. Except for when I’m deep down sad, I  constantly sing to myself . I have a soundtrack permanently playing in my head and sometimes it slips out of my mouth without me realising. I have been known to sing in my sleep.

16. I can’t resist the colour blue.

17. I used to take part in police line ups and was identified as the suspect in every line up but one.

18. I have never had sex.

19. I didn’t learn to walk until I was two years old, but I could read before I started school. I’d like to think these two were connected somehow.

20. I have a habit on going on dates without realising they’re dates until about halfway through.

21. I’ve never broken a bone or had to go to hospital for treatment. But I have had mumps.

22. My favourite thing to eat in the whole world in all its forms is cheese.

23. In the past two or three years I have developed a love of baking. I try not to think too deeply about whether this is a Freudian demonstration of my desire to build a home and what this might mean for my post-feminist ideals.

24. When I was 12 years old I decided I was going to become a disciple of Jesus. I may not follow his teachings or his example perfectly but I’ve never had second thoughts about trying.

25. There are very few books that I would read over and over, but The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje is one of them. So is The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. Conclude from that what you will.


6 responses to “25 random things

  1. No. 9
    No. 15
    No. 23
    No. 24

    What do these things all have in common?

    They are all some of the reasons I love living with you!!

    P.S Oh – and No. 17 😉

  2. yes you were a late walker, but as for singing, you could hold a tune perfectly well before you could sing the words. As i pushed you round Fleetwood in your pram, you sang out, causing much comment from passers-by. I suppose some things don’t change. I always loved to hear you sing and still do.

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