Soundtracks and snow

Everyone has been blogging about the snow and the start of the week brought a euphoria to London that was so remarkable various newspapers devoted whole swathes of print to it in a very gleeful, childlike, ‘we know that some really bad things are happening everywhere else but LOOK!’ kind of way. I spent Monday getting into and out of work again instead of throwing snowballs, building a snowman soldier to join the army that sprung up on Clapham Common or even staying inside and toblogganing. Still, the forecast is for more tonight so fingers crossed…

A snowman army arose from the land...

In the meantime , at the start of the New Year, a friend e-mailed a group of people, including me, asking us what albums we considered to be seminal with the intention of compiling a list to expand her music collection. She e-mailed her first shortlist to us tonight. I’ve been thinking about this – more often than not it’s tracks I think of rather than albums – songs that remind me of being in a certain place or of a certain person or a certain time. So I thought I’d blog about some of them, in no particular order, and see what stories there are to tell along the way.


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