Indian Summer on Clapham Common

It’s so warm here I feel like I’ve not moved to London but emigrated to the continent. The weekend before last I went up to Cambridge to visit the lovely ever smiling and pouting Heather and my landlady warned me before I set out “Take a coat. It’s cold in Cambridge.” I suppose Cambridge is north of London and has the potential to be colder but even comparatively I would struggle to say it was cold that weekend. Still to appease her this weekend I went coat shopping and bought myself a lovely wool, Johanna blue coat for the extortionate price of £30. Good work on my part I feel.

I can’t see when I’m going to need to wear it – the Tube journey sees me stripping down to a vest at the moment (and it would be my knickers too if that weren’t too indecent to consider) and breathing slowly in an attempt not to sweat so much. There is definitely not going to be any love found for me on the Northern Line.

Work has picked up a bit too – I’m doing some writing about Camden and chocolate shops in Islington and winter outdoor swimmers in Hampstead. I’m also being flown to Newquay to visit the Eden project and interview the guy who set it up. And I’ve also been doing some freelance stuff that has just landed on my lap about Polish architects and Skins, the Channel 4 programme (not together – that would just be weird).

I’ve found a really nice place to live, just round the corner from where I am now, with a sunny yellow front door that says “Hello! Fancy coming in for a cup of tea?”. It has a garden and a piano and is lovely inside. It is just round the corner from Abbeville Village which is actually just a street. But it’s full of little cafes that people sit and chat to their friends outside on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and pretty little boutique shops that sell baby clothes and handmade cards – you know the sort of thing. It’s quiet and not far from the Common, which is looking glorious in autumn splendour. So it’s perfect for me.

On the same day that I found out I’d got my flat I also collected the contract for my new job, which starts on the easy to remember date of November 5.

Good news all round. Frankly I’m amazed at how perfectly and beautifully everything has worked itself out, with very little effort from me altogether. Perhaps the gods are smiling on me…

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