Elms Crescent

It’s been a mad couple of weeks, getting jobs, wondering whether they’re real, packing up my life into boxes, sorting out storage, cleaning, moving, saying goodbye.
It was a relief to get on the train and get underway. The train cost me just under £20, the cab from the station to where I’m staying on Elms Crescent cost me £26 – something wrong there, but I can’t quite figure out what…
The house is really big and full of haphazardly hung old things. My landlady’s family must be I guess descendants of Lord Rodney, who I think must be some famous admiral or general from the 1700s and there are letters and massive old school classical paintings up in the sitting room.
Clapham’s nice. And when I opened the front door to head out this morning I had a sense of anticipation that was the same as when you know you’re going to open the door and find snow.
Parallel to Elms Crescent is Abbeville Road which is full of pretty coffee shops and is quiet with hardly any traffic. And then parallel to that is Clapham Common South Side. It’s like the Meadows in Edinburgh only bigger and with a pond and more joggers.
The leaves are turning but today is amazingly warm – I’m glad I didn’t try and carry a big winter coat with me because it’s only cold in the north, not here yet.
I got on the bus to Putney and went to the Vineyard church which was celebrating its 20th anniversary in the UK. After the service there was a huge hog roast and I met lots of extremely friendly people who all gave me their phone numbers and invited me to their house groups. I’m not worrying about meeting people.
And now the house is empty and peaceful and I’m enjoying a cup of tea.

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