Making people cry

A couple of weekends ago I was at the Reuters building with some coursemates to find out if we were the Press Gazette’s student team of the year (we weren’t).
After the awards ceremony over a buffet I was introduced to and started talking to one of the invited guests, someone quite important in the industry. We had a pleasant conversation and I asked a couple of questions relating to my experience as a magazine journalism trainee.
It turns out that after my conversation this person then burst into tears.
I’m not sure if this was my fault (although my coursemates have decided it is) because I don’t remember the conversation being particularly heated or confrontational.
It’s strange to think that I might have done. I don’t think that I’ve ever made anyone cry but that’s got to be a full lie – I’m sure I upset my sisters repeatedly when we were growing up. And now I wonder if I’ve ever made anyone cry as an adult.
If I have made people cry for any reason what kind of person does that make me?!


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