I have a new theory

I have a new theory.
Recently I have been researching and writing an article about eating disorders and I think I may have found a parallel with being in love with someone who doesn’t return the favour.
First of all – you know they don’t reciprocate, that the whole venture is doomed, that there is no hope and that to continue in it spells misery and despair. So you set yourself rules. I will not text this person, I will not plan things to invite them to, I will not stalk them on Facebook etc. This is the diet phase.
All goes well.
Then, one little thing happens to break your rules. You see something and think of the person and text them.
The next thing you know, you are looking at every comment they have ever written on a photo and reading into it, you are making excuses to see them, you are bombarding them with messages and calls or at least thinking about them constantly. You can’t sleep for the thought of what they might be doing, other girls they might be speaking to or dancing with or kissing or worse.
You feel ill. This is the binge phase.
You know you need to feel better somehow so you call a friend or maybe six and splurge all over them about how desperately in love but doomed the whole affair is. They are sympathetic even if they think you are slightly mad for being so obsessed over such small things. After several hours of conversation you feel better. You decide that you cannot live like this and reinstigate the rules. This is the purge phase.

I’m not sure if this is a general theory or if it’s just me…


4 responses to “I have a new theory

  1. OMG, write a book about this! You can use all those stories of mine which prove you right 🙂

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