Newbury and a glorious Easter Weekend

I leave London in just over a week. It’s strange to think about because I’m just beginning to get the hang of this whole city malarky.
Maundy Thursday after work I went out with some of my colleagues (who as it turned out all were blokes – I didn’t let that bother me) for a drink in the sunshine. How nice to feel accepted – how annoying that all that hard work won’t mean much in 8 days time. Ho hum.
Later I left them and went off to a little venue in Balham called The Bedford to hear Foy Vance.
O my life.
He was Ay-May-Zing.
The venue was ace – a round mini-theatre with little tables and candles, free food and cocktails (always good – it was a fundraiser night. Not quite sure how giving stuff away helped raise money but hey!) and I was sitting less than a metre away from Foy.
Foy Vance sings out of the side of his mouth. I think he would break the equipment if he opened the whole of it, his voice had so much power. He kept the room in complete and utter silence – we were enthralled. I could go on, but you should just check him out when you can.
Good Friday is always memorable for me, since for the past few years it has either been a day of glorious love or utter heartbreak. And usually these take it in turns which would make this year a turn for love. Alas it was not so, but instead I found myself queueing to get into Primark on Oxford Street (I didn’t know it had only just opened! I just needed a couple of cheap tops!!) and later meeting Nicky in Bromley for a long needed catch up.
And then
On Saturday
I got on a train to Newbury
Breathed in deeply
Saw the sunshine of Heather
And all the smog and grit and pallour of London dropped off my face, roses flushed in my cheeks, a smile spread across my face, and I was welcomed and fed copiously on mussels and salmon and steak by Heather’s family.
I love Easter weekend – it’s so long it’s like a real holiday.
Happy Springtime!


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