a nursery rhyme and some thoughts

When I was little we used to sing a nursery rhyme:

“O Soldier, soldier, will you marry me,
With your musket, pipe and drum?”
“Oh, no, fair maid, I cannot marry you
For I have no hat to put on.”
So up she went to her grandfather’s chest,
And she brought him a hat of the very, very best,
she brought him a hat of the very very best
“O Soldier, soldier, won’t you marry me,
With your musket, pipe and drum?”

and so on and so forth until the soldier has robbed her grandfather’s chest of all its valuable possessions and kitted himself out in vintage pants, hat, coat and boots.

Then he announces that he won’t marry her because he’s already married.

If I’d known the word ‘cad’ when I was three then that’s what I’d’ve called him. I do remember wondering why on earth she didn’t ask for the whole lot back, or why he didn’t have the decency to give it back to her anyway.

Well, I reckon that after 24 years of pondering this may not actually be a literal true story!

But it is true that sometimes we give people things that are precious because they belong to our heritage or came from people that we love, in the hope that it will make them love us and actually we are throwing those things away. At the end of it all you gain nothing but lose a lot of meaningful things.

Why am I writing this?

Ermmm… only because I think that misplaced hope sometimes makes us do things we will make fools of us. And recently I’ve noticed that certain people seem to have this effect on me, where I know that rationally and sensibly I should do one thing, but misplaced hope makes me a fool when it comes to them.

And because the nursery rhyme finishes before we find out how the maid sorted out the mess she’d got herself into, I have no idea how you’re supposed to get around this.


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