Twists and turns

Well I didn’t get to do a test drive and am slightly rueing the day I was born such a gobbo and told a million people who I then had to explain it hadn’t happened to.
Oh well. At least I still got to dress up and dance at the TVR ball. I had a great time, chatting and eating and generally being in the Empress Ballroom. And then later on this week I received an unexpected Valentine’s Card from a friend who has recently moved away. I had no idea it was coming.

Isn’t is strange what goes on in the secret worlds of our heads? I have known this guy for more than two years and I had no idea that in his mind there was a whole wealth of emotion directed at me. And I’m relieved I didn’t know because the world of my mind was light years away, but still now I’m looking back over the years and interpreting things in the light of this information.


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