The Dancer from the Horseshoe Bar

The poet Mesomedes wrote a hymn to Nemesis in the early 2nd century CE, where he addressed her:
Nemesis, winged balancer of life,
dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice

Nemesis: Noun
Singular nemesis
Plural nemeses
The principle of retributive justice (usually singular, formal) punishment or defeat that is deserved and cannot be avoided
The goddess of divine retribution and vengeance (always capitalized)
The polar opposite of a character
An archenemy

Related terms
antagonist, villain

When my mum was a teenager she went out with a guy called Robbie. I suppose it was her first true love – she was besotted. After going out a year or so she discovered that he had been two-timing her with another girl – she was called Lorraine and she was a dancer at The Horseshoe Bar. It broke my mum’s heart. Two weeks later Lorraine arrived on the doorstep, red hair, white fur coat, Robbie in tow and told my mum that she must take him back. She did but not for long. It wasn’t the same.

In the Greek mythology Nemesis is the goddess of justice. She provides the balance to Fortuna. According to Wikipedia she was sometimes called Adrasteia, probably meaning “one from whom there is no escape”.

It seems to be true that there is always one person whom we could live without, who always seems to turn up when we least want them to, and who, if their presence were not felt in our lives, would leave us blissfully happy.

Certainly I feel that these people in my life have often represented the absolute opposite of who I am, whilst bearing enough similarity to me to make me feel decidedly uncomfortable. It is like being confronted with the evil version of yourself – yet you find yourself questioning whether, in reality, you are the bad one and the other is actually the one on whom Fortune smiles…

My mum’s wore a white fur coat, no knickers and was a dancer from The Horseshoe Bar.
You couldn’t get more antithetical than that.

And she had red hair. In my experience the goddess Nemesis always has red hair.


One response to “The Dancer from the Horseshoe Bar

  1. Intriguing….! Tell us more… Oooo, I do love your writing. And I’m sorry about your face. I had a similar experience when in the States. Not pleasant… Hope you’re feeling better. Love to ya!

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