The Kite Festival

In mid October there was a kite festival in Fleetwood, and spotting the 80ft octopus hovering over the sea as I was driving along obviously tickled my curiosity.
I went home, and like the good trainee journalist that I am, grabbed my camera, notebook and pen and headed back to the beach.
I spotted a guy who looked like he was involved (he was wearing a wetsuit and was spattered in mud – believe it or not this is not usual in Fleetwood though stranger things are) and asked him what was going on. It turns out that the festival wasn’t just a show of weird octopus shaped kites, but also included kite buggying, landboarding and kite surfing.
“I’m a trainee journalist,” I said “Can I write down what you’re telling me.” “Of course you can, but really you need to talk to Alex.” Alex turned out to be the festival organiser. He chatted away to me and then introduced me to some extremely fit kite surfers.
Oh yes.
Two hours of chatting to some really beautiful boys and writing notes later I have reason to believe that my life is wonderful.


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